Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Can't Walk and Chew Gum or, Why Men Shouldn't Multi-Task

So, I was sitting at the computer checking my email while hubby having a shower and doing whatever else it is that men do in the 10 milliseconds that they seem to need in the bathroom, when hubby appeared looking a little sheepish. "I tried to multi-task." he said. "OK", said I "what did you do?" "Well, I was trying to save time [who knows why, since I had only managed to open one email in the entire time he was in the bathroom, so it's not like he was in there a long time anyway], so I blew my nose whilst using mouthwash." "Riiiight," I said "and what happened?" as if I (and you, dear reader) didn't already know. "Some of the mouthwash came down my nose." said hubby, in a plaintive voice.

The moral of the story for all those men out there - 'don't walk and chew gum' as the saying goes.

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