Monday, 23 June 2008

Say Au Revoir to the Continent of Americaland!

So, this is it. After 160 days, we are about to embark on our final day on this side of the pond. It's one final 'hoorah' as we spend the next few hours (shopping and eating) in New York City before flying back to Blighty this evening at 9pm. Then we have four days at home before jetting off to Australia on Sunday.

I can hardly believe we've been away for five-and-a-half months. It seems pretty natural to be doing what we're doing now, travelling from one place to another, spending 24-7 in each other's company. I can't say I loved every minute, especially not the nasty accommodation in Liberia (Costa Rica), and the endless bus journeys in Mexico, but mostly it has been a super-duper trip of a lifetime. Thank goodness we've still got another nine weeks to enjoy on the other side of the world before reality bites!

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Sam & Suzy said...

Five and a half months?
No way. It only seems like yesterday. Well that ws only a warm up for the best part of the trip. We look forward to seeing you shortly