Monday, 18 August 2008

Home on the Range

We're home! Ah, life is good when you can sit on a comfy sofa and eat toast whenever you like. All the time we were away hubby said he missed the sofa most of all, and I missed the joy that is Sky+. And now we're back, the sofa has pride of place in the living room and Sky+ is being connected tomorrow, then life will be complete.

We have moved in to a new place in the countryside and have taken to the lifestyle like ducks to water. Yesterday we even went out on a 'ramble' with our trusty Ordnance Survey map of the area; everything started well as hubby showed me where we planned to walk -along here, down there, across there, up there, across there and back home. 'Fine by me', I said, 'I'll just follow you' having no great clue where he was pointing on the map. Although we walked for about an hour we didn't actually get anywhere as we apparently missed a turning somewhere and simply ended up walking all the way round the outside of a very large field. Still, there were three plus points to this - a feeling of smug wellbeing (apart from the bits where I puffed and panted my way uphill), a tub full of blackberries and the knowledge of future great blackberrying spots just a stone's throw from our front door. Excellent.

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PIE said...

Wonderful, you found a place. Country eh? You going to start homesteading now? lol, I hope that it is everything perfect for you both!