Saturday, 17 November 2007

Am I Addicted? Presume Novelty Will Wear Off Soon

At what point do you become officially addicted to being a blogger (is that the correct name for someone who has a blog?)? No doubt the novelty of this will wear off soon. I do seem to have the attention span of a gnat at times, except when watching any tv programmes re property developing or travel (but not the current series of Michael Palin's travels which I thought was pants. Did he spend more than 5 minutes in any one country?)

Since I posted my last (and first) blog I've been thinking about what to write in my next one (ie this one). Since I last wrote I have watched 2 re-runs of Selling Houses as recorded by the marvellous little Sky+ box whilst drinking coffee and taste-testing all the varities of choc biccies in Mr Tesco's Chocolate Biscuit Selection Box (all good so far, need to taste them all again in order to form proper opinion, although I'd rather shop at Sainsbury's so I guess I'll have to buy one of their selection boxes and go through this rather trying process all over again.) Then I put the chickens away (poor things looked a bit worse for wear due to the rain; unfortunately we have to find a new home for them while we swan off to the other side of the world) and packed up a box of kitchenalia (v fancy word for tea towels and a potato masher) to go in the loft. And all that time I was thinking of the witty things I would write here. There are so many things to tell about the plans that we have made/are making for our trip, such as how we tried to sell our house but no-one wanted to buy it (humph), and how we are now trying to rent our house but still no-one wants it (double humph), and how we found out that our next-door neighbours have sold their house for £20k more than we wanted for ours without even putting it on the market (and they sold it to someone who had looked at our house first - AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!) So, all those hours I have spent taking in every word uttered by Ms Beeny and Andrew Winter about what to do/not to do to your house when you are refurbing and selling it have been wasted. No one wants to live in our house. :(

Do you know anyone who wants to rent an ugly house in Henley?

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Rob said...


Your blog showed up in my google alert for Henley on Thames (it's nice to know that Google can keep you up to date with all thats happening where you live eh.... Beats the Standard!).

I had the same thing when I started my first Blog, but mainly due to the fact I wasn't writing anything interesting I didn't get any comments, and eventually tired of the whole exercise. So this comment has two purposes:

1. To let you know that someone is reading (other than your family/friends).

2. To encourage you to continue.

Hope all goes well with the trip, I'll be checking up on your progress.