Saturday, 17 November 2007

My first ever blog post!

Ooooo, how exciting. Am techno-person. Have created my very own blog. Clever me. Didn't even need husband to show me what to do. Slightly disappointed as didn't actually want to call my blog 'Did You Lock The Front Door?'. The title I really wanted was 'Are We Nearly There Yet?', but it would seem that someone else has already snaffled that witty tag for themselves. Just hope their blog is worth it. Humph.

The reason I wanted that title is because I'm going to use this blog to document my and hubby's travels, and I thought I was being really clever. Clever perhaps, but clearly not techno-fast and clever. Hence some other blogger beating me to it. Still, let's not dwell on it, shall we?

So, where are you two going?, I hear you cry. Well, how kind of you to ask! We're leaving the UK on Weds 16th January 2008 for a bit of a jaunt round North and Central America, and if you have a passing interest in whether we are still alive or perhaps a little evil hope that we have both contracted beri-beri or been bitten by rabid dogs or poisonous snakes, then this is the place where you can find out.

Currently our plan is to fly back to the UK on May 1st for about a week and then go off to Australia and SEAsia for a few months, although that may change. Even though the return flights from Mexico are already booked we have discovered from past experience that airlines/travel agents are usually more than happy to let us change our homeward travel dates, in return for the princely sum of £50 EACH ("yes madam, that's the admininstration charge" - ah, of course, I can totally understand how it must cost £50 to delete my name from one flight list and put it on another). Hmm.

Anyway, that's more than enough for now. Am in need of a coffee and a chocolate biscuit (or three). Come back soon for more interesting news on the planning stages of this jaunt. You'll find out whether we've decided to pack a plastic plate and bowl plus a set of cutlery, whether my typhoid jab means I'll need a day off work, and whether hubby's trip to the dentist was a success. (Will hubby's teeth look any less yellow so that when we get to the bright lights of LA he can out-shine Paris Hilton and Tom Cruise? [Although hubby probably doesn't even know who Ms Hilton is, let alone give two hoots whether his scale and polish is a match for hers]).

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