Monday, 19 November 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For

So, there I was in work on Friday bemoaning the fact that I never get colds, or at least not proper colds, the ones that mean you can actually have a day off work without feeling like you're swinging the lead. I tend to get those pathetic little damp squibs of colds which mean you wake up with a bit of an itchy throat or a bit of a runny nose and then 10 minutes later you're right as rain again. Also, have felt hard-done-by cos hubby has had man flu for the last couple of weeks and he had a day off.

Anyway, there we were on Saturday night having dinner at The White Hart in Nettlebed (v.g. food) and I started feeling a bit under the weather (and I was only drinking lime and lemonade so that hubby could have a beerage or two [am world's best wife] so it wasn't like I was suffering from over indulgence in the alcohol department). Woke up Sunday morning with a cold! Hooray, a proper cold! (Must have been the result of drinking out of damp glasses as my Gramps would have said). Spent all of Sunday welded to sofa, didn't even get out of pyjamas until 7pm when it was time to have a shower and put pyjamas straight back on again. And now it's Monday and I had the day off! Yay! Funny how the day has gone by so much quicker than if I'd been at work... Had to walk in to Henley to pick up a parcel from the sorting office. Managed to leave the house just as it started raining (and boy did it rain) so got a bit damp (that should help to sustain the cold for another day or so). Thought arms were going to drop off by the time I got home as parcel weighed approx 3kilos - Xmas pressie for mother as purchased from Ebay (cheapskate, moi?).

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