Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Happy Birth-Week To Me!

It has been decreed that in the wonderful world of me a single birthDAY, just a paltry 24 hours, is simply not enough. Thus, this year I have instigated the birthWEEK, a whole host of festivites over the days surrounding my actual birthday (29th November, in case you were wondering when to send the card/gifts).

Saturday last hubby and I went to Bristol to stay with my parentals. Hubby stayed in with Father and set up the new Setanta box so Father can watch more sport and Mother has to sit in the kitchen to watch Corrie. Mother and I went to the Mall shopping. Fab; I love shopping. And, joy of joys, who should be at the Mall promoting (and autographing?!) her new perfume, but the one and only Jordan (Katie Price/Andre or whatever her name is); although we couldn't actually see her, or her mammoth mammaries, due to the crowds. So sad...

Sunday we drove from Bristol to Hamble to have lunch with my friends Wart, Tania & Penny. Wart cooked us a fabalicious 3-course extravaganza and we were well and truly stuffed by the end. Hubby and Wart's other half Greg went to the pub to discuss my website which Greg is building/hosting (think that's correct). It is all up and running now (, although you may notice some anomalies which I might explain on here at a later date.

Today, Wednesday, I went to the hairdressers and had about 5 inches lopped off the old barnet. Felt like a change - must be old age setting in. Then met Tania & Ange for dinner and a discussion of the latest book club read (44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith) - got a general thumbs up although we all felt like the characters needed more developing. Perhaps that happens in the next book in the series and this is a clever ploy by Mr McCall Smith to get us to buy more of his books...

Thursday, my actual birthday will be filled with eating and pressie-opening; I hope

Friday hubby and I are going to lunch (can you see a theme developing here?) at the Five Horseshoes in Maidensgrove with Granny Rachel and Grampy Gordon, then in the evening I'm going to ZenZeni in High Wycombe with Liz and Brenda.

And Saturday hubby and I are going to London to see the King Tut exhibition - soooo excited! Have seen King Tut in situ in his tomb in Luxor, but am looking forward to seeing more goodies at the Dome. Then we're going to see our friends Kesh & Kate in their swanky penthouse apartment overlooking Canary Wharf - get them!

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