Monday, 3 December 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

Am such busy socialite-type person that haven't had time to update blog and enable you all to take another little peek into the world of me.

Celebrated my birthday on Thursday, another step closer to middle-agedom, not that I'm dwelling on age and wrinkles and all that, but I do hope the Boots Protect & Perfect miracle serum kicks in soon. Had the day off and Hubby & I went to lunch at The Great House at Sonning. I would thoroughly recommend that you all avoid this place like the plague. I went there some years ago and thought it was lovely; now, however, it seems to have turned in to some sort of dreadful travelodge place, plus we couldn't eat our lunch in the lovely snug bar with roaring fire. Instead, we were forced to eat in the restaurant ("just go out of these doors, through the lobby, through the Regatta bar and in to the restaurant") where the tables were laid with starched cloths and linen napkins - all for a bacon and cheese ciabatta! Plus hubby reckons his pint of London Pride was off... Not to mention the French waiter with attitude. Soothed ourselves with a trip later in the afternoon to the loveliness that is the Hot Gossip coffee shop in Henley. They sell the most wonderful cakes. Thoroughly recommend a trip there if you are in need of sustenance whilst in Henley.

Friday I had to go to work, but as soon as I got home hubby & I dashed off to The Five Horseshoes to meet GRachel & GGordon for luncheon. WOW. What a fab place. The food was completely and utterly divine. Had baked camembert with toast (plus a strange pickled apple) for starter, roast loin of pork with the most delicious and buttery mash ever, and treacle tart for dessert. Boy was I stuffed when we eventually rolled out at 4.30pm... A HUGE thank you to lovely GRachel for a fab (and delish!) birthday luncheon.

As soon as we got home we had to put the chooks in a couple of boxes on the back seat of the trusty Peugeot and tootle off to Wargrave where a nice lady and her family had offered them a new home. It was pitch black and lashing down with rain so we didn't really spend much time in fond farewells. We discovered on Saturday morning, in the cold light of day, that Rita had left us a lovely leaving present all over the seat belt...

After depositing the chooks it was time for me to go to ZenZeni in Wycombe to meet Liz & Brenda for yet more birthday food. I had Pad Thai which was ok, but not the best and some very chocolate-y ice-cream. Liz was very chuffed with the pressie she had got me, but unfortunately I already have one (swiss penknife card), so then she wasn't so chuffed. She's going to get me a Starbuck's card instead so we won't go short on lattes during our trip. Brenda bought me some chocs from Hotel Chocolat and some travel-sized toiletries - well done B!

Got home about 10.30pm, totally and utterly stuffed to the gills.

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