Friday, 14 December 2007

O, Come All Ye Faithful (and off-key)

Hubby & I got all community-spirited on Wednesday evening and went to the Henley Choral Society Carol Concert at St Mary's. The evening started with a health and safety announcement by the vicar/rector (or whatever he is) so that we all knew where the fire exits were. To be honest, I'd have thought we'd all have been safe from fire, flood & famine in a house of the Lord, so we wouldn't need to know how to escape in an emergency, but I guess it's best that all the bases are covered.

We had a fairly good sing-song, although they started us off with a song I'd never heard of so I had to mime along to that one; I thought I knew all the hymns/carols that I'd ever need after attending a school where we sang two hymns at assembly every single day, but they got me on that one.

After that the choir had a go at butchering the Holly & the Ivy; and then they started up the Casio organ and played something by Bach (I only know that cos it was written in the program, not because I know anything about classical music). Then we got to sing another song which was blighted by the man in the pew behind us who decided to accompany the singing by jangling the coins in his pocket. GRRRR!

Then it was time for the delightful children from some local primary school or other to take a turn. How unfair! They got to sing all the good songs like Away in a Manger, Calypso Carol and Joy to the World (one of my favourites). They even did Little Donkey, although they didn't accompany themselves with a jaunty little clippity-clop on the coconut shells, which I always remember as a highlight of my schooldays. Perhaps they can't have them for health and safety reasons...

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