Monday, 10 December 2007

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Christmas has finally arrived at no.32. Hooray, we love Christmas!
Friday evening was the Henley Christmas extravaganza, so we walked in and had a look around - usually a good night as there are always freebies being given out by the shops that stay open late. I won a bottle of wine in the Dollond & Aitchison lucky dip, so that was a bonus; and then we got a polystyrene cup of mulled wine from Cook. Also got a hotdog from the stall manned by Anthony Worrall-Thompson, although we had to pay for that. Worth it though to taste a sausage touched by the hand of a celebrity... (Don't panic, he was using tongs).

When we got home it was time to put the Christmas tree up - yay! Took quite a while as we've got about 90 decorations. Each time we go to a new country we buy a deccie to remind us of our visit; or, in the case of New York, to remind us of numerous visits - hence the glass hamburger from Bloomingdales which graces one of the topmost branches - tres tasteful...

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