Monday, 3 December 2007

Walk Like An Egyptian

Birth-week continued apace on Saturday when we hot-footed it up to Dirty London. Drove to Kesh & Kate's swanky penthouse which overlooks (or, technically, is overlooked by) Canary Wharf. They'd got me a fab pressie - an entire tin of Fox's Party Rings. Oh, the joy and rapture! Went out for lunch with them (is it physically possible to eat any more food?), and then hubby & I went off to the Dome to see King Tut (well, not actaully him, but some of his 'stuff').

Due to the fact that we are incredibly fancy Henley types, hubby had got us VIP tickets (from Ebay, of course), so we didn't have to join the plebs in the queue. Such a pity the tickets didn't get us a private viewing as there were rather too many other people (and especially children) in there for my liking. Bah humbug. Still, it was very interesting and a fab birthday pressie. And my desire to do a degree (or MA) in Egyptology has been fuelled yet again. When we came out of the exhibition, the Dome was rammed with ladies both young and not so young, all off to see Take That in concert. Lucky things.

Made our way back to K&K's (almost via Lewisham when hubby got Limehouse and Lewisham confused because "they begin with the same letter" - good job I'm the proofreader and not him), where Kate tried to feed us. We settled on bread & cheese followed by mince pies.

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