Friday, 23 November 2007

Two Steps Forward

Countdown is progressing. It's now 54 days til we leave for our trip. Hubby often says he can't believe we're really going, and I say I won't believe it til we actually get off the plane in LA cos, being the voice of doom, who knows what could happen between now and then to stop us from actually leaving..?

On the plus side, things feel a little more real since I handed in my notice at work yesterday. I only have to go to work 22 more times before we leave, what with a day off for my birthday and the fact that the Library is closed for 10 days over Xmas - HOORAY! I do enjoy my job but the commute is pants. On a good day it takes me about 40mins, although it has been known to take 1hr 15mins. Now, this might not seem like the longest commute in the world, except for the fact that I only live 9 miles from the Library. If (and that's a REALLY big 'if') I were a fit and healthy human being I could run to work and back in the time it takes me to drive... However, a life of eating chocolates, biscuits and cakes has ensured that 'fit and healthy' are two words that definitely can't be used to describe me.

And another plus: hubby has booked the first three nights accommodation for the first section of our big trip. We are staying at the Sea Shore Motel ( in Santa Monica. Everytime I/he says 'Santa Monica' I have to add 'Boulevard' in a singsong voice; that Sheryl Crowe (or is it Shania Twaine?) has a lot to answer for, and hubby is finding it somewhat annoying to say the least. Hopefully it'll wear off soon...

Our house is now being marketed FOUR estate agents in a desparate attempt to find a tenant before we leave. Unfortunately none of them seems to hold out much hope - they were definitely erring on the side of caution and telling us how slow the market is. Doesn't bode well.

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