Sunday, 20 January 2008

Oh, the exotic life of the traveller.

Here's hubby's birthday cake - it was soooo huge it lasted us a week!

Well, here I am again.Only a few hours after my last post and I'm on t'interweb again. This time in a slightly more fragrant environs than the library. Can you guess where it is yet? Is there a clue in the title? Yes, the exotic hangout of every traveller... (well, every clean traveller)....

...the laundromat! Only been going 5 days and already we're washing our travelling garb. Such clean peeps we are. Perhaps we felt grubby after our visit to the down & out shelter, I mean the library. Still, at least the visit to the library has helped me make a valuable career decision - I will never apply for a job in an American public library. It would drive me mad. Although, I was rather impressed by the relaxed shelver I witnessed pushing a trolley full of books while (look away now if you work in a library) eating a bar of chocolate and carrying a can of pop. Imagine!

So, I guess if you are reading this you might want to know some details of our trip? Well, there's not a huge amount to tell I'm afraid. We've not done anything massively exciting. We thought the end of our trip had come a few weeks early last night when we were rudely awoken at about 2am by an almighty crash (we are in an earthquake zone after all). We both ran to the door to see what had happened to witness a Winnebago sheepishly reversing, having driven in to the overhead sundeck (at the end of which happens to be our 1st floor room) - clearly the Winnebago driver thought he had a bit more clearance. What a durrbrain.

Tomorrow we are driving (well, hubby will be driving and I'll be navigating a.k.a admiring the scenery) further up the coast to San Luis Obispo for our night at the Madonna Inn. Do have a look at their website if you haven't already - what a place! We're staying in the Misty Rock room; and we'll be eating dinner in the pink-ness of the steak restaurant (see photo top left). And it's hubby's birthday, so please join me in wishing him a very happy THIRTY-SIXTH birthday. Ha.

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