Sunday, 27 January 2008

The Carmel Pine Cone

Here we are in the extremely pretty town of Carmel-by-the-Sea (all those hyphens make us Henley types feel right at home; photo shows Carmel beach - look, no rain!.) This is the place where Clint Eastwood is mayor, although we've yet to spot him gadding about in his gold chain and mayoral robes. Nor has he been reported doing good deeds in the local paper, The Carmel Pine Cone. Still, there's not really much room for Clint-based items alongside the Police Log. What a hoot! I was equally amused and impressed to read that both a fire engine and an ambulance were dispatched to attend an elderly lady with a nosebleed and, on a separate occasion, a man in his 40s with "a pain in his right flank" (where exactly is the "flank" on the human body - I thought it was something that horses have?) Also, what was the fire engine supposed to do in these situations?

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