Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Now I want to live in San Luis Obispo

Yesterday was hubby's birthday and we spent the night in the Misty Rocks room at the Madonna Inn (see photo on the left; it looked so much nicer before we emptied our stuff everywhere...). It totally lives up to the photos on the website, and then some. Our room had a 'waterfall' shower built out of rocks - that was an experience. But even more of an experience was dinner in the padded pink-ness of the steakhouse. Liberace would have been sooo jealous of us. I had to control my urges to kit myself out in rhinestones from head to foot with the delightful attire on offer at the Ladies Boutique. Luckily hubby didn't even set foot in the gent's clothing store for who knows what 'Elvis in his fat period' outfit he might have appeared at dinner in? And during dinner we were entertained by the Cal Poly Swing Dance Club - they weren't purposefully entertaining us, they were just there practising, but it was definitely entertaining.

Anyway, this morning we had a look round the town of San Luis Obispo and now I want to live there. Perhaps a residence in Santa Babs, one in SLO, and an apartment in NYC for the Xmas period...? Hubby & I unfortunately went in to the Apple store in SLO and now we want to buy an iPod Touch. Fools and their money are soon parted, and we are easily wowed by new technology, especially when we don't understand it.

We've just got back from a tour of Hearst Castle (see photo top right of the outdoor swimming pool; the indoor one was just as spectacular). Wouldn't mind living there either. I think I'd like to be a "collector" like William Randolph Hearst. Wonder if my collection of tat will ever be worth as much as his collection of antiquities?

Tonight we're staying in Cambria. We were only due to stay one night but we like the look of it so much that we're throwing caution to the wind and staying an extra night. Only been on our travels 6 days and already the schedule is out the window.

BTW, I'm sure you'll all be glad to hear that it has been tipping down with rain most of the day and I'm sitting here in my thermal underwear and a waterproof jacket. I'm wearing other clothes too, so don't worry that I might get arrested by the local CHiPs!

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Michael said...

We've just been checking out some of the Madonna's 109 rooms. From the sublime to the ridiculous! : )

Go on! Buy an iPod! They're great!! : )

Mike & Naomi x