Tuesday, 6 May 2008

News from our political correspondent

Usually (as in 99.999% of the time) I have absolutely no interest whatsover in politics, as it is mightily boring. However, here's a hearty "huzzah" for jolly old Bozza! The delightfully-coiffed Boris Johnson, Henley MP, has become Mayor of London. The downside of this is that us Henley types were rather proud to have Bozza as our MP and now we will have to do without him. I've just read that his father, Stanley, would like to take over the seat, but I'm just not sure his hairdo is up to scratch. What do you think? For those of you unfamiliar with Bozza, he's the one at the top.

Interestingly, I've just read that Boris was born in New York, which leads me neatly in to my next blog posting...


Nathan (aka - hubby) said...

Wifey has also failed to notice a more important event that happened at the weekend! Wigan Athletic won and are still in the Premier League.

Oh and if more Brother in law is reading I have to mention Wigan losing to Saints (again)!!!!!ha ha ha

lisa.astbury said...

oh lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky Wigan! For once I really want them to win this week