Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A Trip to the Beach

Today we went to the beach. You can get to the beach on the subway in NYC; Brighton Beach is right at the end of the line, but it still only takes about 30mins to get there. It was v hot today so we were glad to escape the city, chill out by the sea and top up our tans which we are concerned are rapidly fading. We knew it was hot but, just as we are always naive over the strength of the sun in the UK, we didn't think we would burn and so didn't bother to take suntan lotion. Bit of a mistake because, even though we are already quite tanned, we still managed to catch the sun and hubby looks like "son of Zorro" with the marks left by his sunglasses and I look like someone who got overexcited on their first trip to Torremolinos.

When we got back from the beach we had a wander round the shops (just for a change) in Greenwich Village and Chelsea. Hubby was so very, very excited when we made our second visit to Meyers of Keswick, a shop which sells foodstuffs imported from the UK. On our first visit, hubby availed himself of a bottle of Heinz Salad Cream for the princely sum of $5. Today, he was "jump up and down on the spot" excited to see they had bottles of Vimto in stock, and forked out another $5. Despite salivating over tinned Heinz Treacle Sponge Pudding and Chocolate Hob Nobs, I restrained myself for the sake of the chocolate cupcake which I had waiting back at the apartment. While we were in Meyers we overheard (and joined in with) a conversation which has prompted me to start a new "Only in America" sideline blog posting. So, please read the next post to see what the conversation was about.

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