Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Only in America: Part I

So, we were in Meyers of Keswick and we overheard an American lady asking if they still stocked Eccles Cakes. The lady working there told her that they no longer had them as they couldn't import them any more. Hubby piped up and asked why that was and was told that the US government has banned the import of Eccles Cakes! The shop lady didn't know why, she could only suggest that the government clearly thinks that they contain something that could kill people. Does anyone know what that could be?!

The American lady who was searching for the Eccles Cakes then turned to hubby and I for suggestions of alternatives from what was in the shop. She had her hands on a packet of Wagon Wheels, which we were happy to endorse. I also suggested Chocolate Digestives as being v popular in the UK; hubby suggested Fig Rolls (yuck), and we both warned her off the Garibaldi biscuits (although in hindsight they could perhaps be considered to be a freeze-dried version of Eccles Cakes). In the end she settled on a box of Mr Kipling's Battenburg Slices, which wouldn't have been our choice but each to their own. In our patriotic way we assured her that it was difficult to go wrong with a British biscuit.

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PIE said...

If they were banned in america, W probably thought they were part of a terrorist cell in Florida! LOL