Monday, 5 May 2008

Three Comedy Moments

Comedy Moment No.1
Hubby went to the toilet at the restaurant where we were having dinner on our last night in PdC. He didn’t tell me this straight away, but waited until we had finished our meal in order not to worry me too much, although had I ordered fish he says he would have told me sooner. In the gents were several pieces of salmon defrosting on top of the hand dryer. They were wrapped in clingfilm, so no worries from a hygiene point of view.

Comedy Moment No.2
Occurred at the same restaurant. Not long after we got there, a chap working at the restaurant asked if he could take our photo; we figured it would get reproduced in some delightfully tacky way and they would try to sell it to us later. Well, we were right, but never in a million gazillion years could we ever have guessed in what format said photo would be offered to us. Just after the end of our meal the chap reappeared clutching a bottle of Corona beer. In place of the normal label, there we were! Never in all my days have I seen anything so dreadful! And that’s saying something after the tat shops in PdC. He really tried to sell it to us by telling us it was genuine Mexican beer and a great souvenier of our visit, all for the bargain price of $10US. Unbelievable. We had spent part of the meal thinking of excuses to give when the chap came back with our lovely photo but all those excuses went out the window when we saw the beer bottle and all we could do was laugh. And, no, we didn’t buy it.

Comedy Moment No.3
Occurred in the check-in queue at Cancun airport. In front of us in said queue was an American family who all had very large suitcases. One of the girls had TWO very large suitcases, and I really do mean LARGE, one was maybe 3ft high and 2ft across and the other was only slightly smaller. She couldn’t even lift the larger one. Hubby started talking to them and mentioned how much luggage they had which was when they told us they’d only been on holiday for a week. Unbelievable. The girl with the two cases admitted she hadn’t even worn half of the clothes she had packed. She also started panicking when she saw the sign saying there was a 50lb maximum weight per item for two pieces of luggage (so that's 100lb in total!); she was taking stuff out of one bag and putting it in the other, then putting other stuff in her hand luggage and giving other stuff to her fellow travellers. Goodness only knows what she had in there. But best of all was her comment “They shouldn’t make suitcases so big if they didn’t want people to fill them”. To give her her due, she has got a point.

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Nathan (aka - hubby) said...

On reading Jus's blog Bongo (a good mate of mine) says and I quote "Playa del Carmen sounds like you’ve found Wigan’s cultural twin city so maybe it is more fun being in wigan at work on a lovely a sunny day in May rather than dodging dodgy mariachi bands!!" and I have to agree with him. Wigan is paradise comapred to Playa Del Poohhole.