Saturday, 19 April 2008

Beach-induced torpor

Snore, snore. Sorry, what was that?

Oh, I'm sorry, you need me to write a blog posting to tell people where we are and what we're doing? Goodness, that sounds like a lot of hard work. Don't you understand I need all my energy to sit on the beach here in beautiful Placencia. And then what little energy I have left after hours spent topping up my panda-eye tan, is spent deciding which restaurant to eat at. Good thing that Placencia only has two streets to wander up and down (one of which is only 3 feet wide and - luckily - is pedestrianised) or I really would be exhausted.

The photos above show the cabin we stayed in and the view of the beach.

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Mai said...

Hi Nathan and Justine

I hope you are both well and enjoying your trip. Steve Lee sent me your blog address it is very funny! Let me know when you are back in the UK.