Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Honduras, a step in the right direction

Honduras is lovely. We arrived on Sunday evening after a bit of a trying weekend which involved almost non-stop travel to get from Costa Rica, via Nicaragua. Things were made bearable by the fact that we stayed in two very nice hotels on Sat & Sun evenings and also because we found a Pizza Hut in Managua. The border crossing from CRica to Nicaragua was an absolute nightmare. You may remember we had problems here when we crossed in the opposite direction because there was a power cut. Well, to tell the truth, it would appear that the power cut was probably a blessing as it speeded up the entire process. This time it took us over 2 hours to get from one country to the next, including one hour standing in a queue in the midday sun with no shade. That was tippity top. And when we finally got to the front of the queue to get our passports stamped to leave CRica we had to wait while the lady behind the counter finished applying her make-up and smiling at the man fixing the air-con unit. Haven´t been more pleased to leave a country since we crossed the border from Vietnam to Cambodia.

Anyhoo, here we are in lovely Honduras in a small town called Copan Ruinas which is next to the Mayan site of Copan. We only planned to be here 2 nights but have taken rather a shine to the place so it looks like it might now be 4 nights, along with 2 weeks in Honduras instead of the 1 week we had initially decided. We've not been to the ruins yet, although I went to the museum today while hubby (who's not really a museum person) watched the footy. Looks like tomorrow will be the day for the ruins, so hubby needs to fortify himself tonight with a hearty meal and plenty of beer. And hopefully, if we're not too exhausted by getting all cultural, we might also manage a trip to a coffee plantation so I can see where the bean that makes my daily latte starts its life.

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PIE said...

When you see that bean say a thankyou for me, I am not sure I would survive without it! You crack me up, I enjoy reading your blog as well!