Saturday, 12 April 2008

Mayan ruins and coffee beans

On Thursday morning hubby and I dragged ourselves out of bed at the crack of dawn (ok, it was 8am but this travelling lark has enabled me to well and truly conclude that I am 100% NOT a morning person) to go to the Mayan site of Copan. Off we tootled in the car since, being an un-morning person meant I didn't feel like walking the 1km to get there. Yes, I know it was lazy, but it also ended up being rather fortuitous. Hubby and I have got used to not needing an awful lot of money over here in Central America where the cost of living is so much lower than it is at home (even though I do like my home comforts every now and again.) So, we arrived at the Copan ticket office with a small wad of lempire (local currency), rather pleased with ourselves for having got there so early. Imagine our horror when we realized we didn't have enough money for even one entrance ticket! It was $15 each for the ruins and an extra $7 for the sculpture museum - outrageous! So, after much tutting and cries of "espensivo" (which, for all we know, doesn't even mean 'expensive' in Spanish) we were forced to drive back to town and visit the ATM. Take Two of our trip to the ruins was much more successful and we spent a very pleasant few hours there. Luckily hubby had been able to avail himself of a Thai curry and some local beer the night before so he was well fortified for the entire outing.

On Friday we went on a tour of a coffee plantation. Some of you may know that I am extremely partial to the odd cup of coffee or three, so I was rather excited. Poor hubby can't stand coffee but came along willingly nonetheless. We spent a very interesting few hours learning all about the history of coffee, the coffee plant, the processing, etc, etc. So, now I know where my daily latte starts its life.

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