Friday, 4 April 2008

Equally cursed and blessed

is our opinion of having a car in Costa Rica.

Cursed because having spent the money, we felt that we had to make full use of the car for the 12 days we had hired it. This has meant we've probably stayed in CR about 5 days longer than if we hadn't had the car since we would have done what we usually do when we don't like a place, and hot-footed it out.

Blessed because without the car we would have had to use public transport and could have ended up being stuck in all number of god-forsaken places while waiting for the next bus out. At least the car gave us the option to move on when we didn't like the look of a place (which was quite often...) Or to stay longer in a place (eg Playa Samara, or Hermosa - as per the photos on this posting.) So, if you were thinking of making CR your next holiday destination, may we suggest you think otherwise and head to Nicaragua instead?

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Tomorrow morning we take the car back and return to public transport, as we head north (north east?) towards Honduras, via an overnight stop in Mangua, Nicaragua. Hooray!

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