Tuesday, 19 February 2008

A big round of applause

to the Hyatt Regency Acapulco. For allowing us free use of their lovely swimming pool, clean toilets, and even their showers. Who would have thought they'd be so kind to grubby, weary, budget travellers? Tee hee.

We had a lovely day relaxing by the pool and getting burnt to a crisp. Not to mention TWO visits to Starbucks (as I commented to hubby when we first walked through their doors "It smells like home". Please don't berate me for loving Starbucks, a girl has to have some pleasures in life besides Coronation Street). And then, to top it all, we spent an hour in Wal Mart (aka Asda - they even had clothes by George...) food shopping. We know how to live.


Paul Quinlan said...

I'm not jealous at all! Nathan we've just got Gary Teale on loan from Derby - I think he was with Wigan when you got promoted so fingers crossed. Now we've got Sturrock back its 3 wins in 3 and 1 goal conceded in the last 5. Now 7th and two points off the playoffs so fingers crossed... Paul

Paul Quinlan said...

Justine - sorry a bit rude of me not to say well done on the blog. I've just read some more and it's v good (in case you're wondering whether it's worth the effort!) All the best. P