Monday, 18 February 2008

Going loco.... (come on, sing the song!)

You know you want to, it's just so catchy.

Well, here we are 'down in Acapulco'. It's a miracle we got here really considering the bus driver we had. We were unlucky enough to be in the front seats which gave us (and particularly me, as I was nearest him while hubby distracted himself by looking out of the window) a birds eye view of what he was doing - most of which seemed to involve not watching the road. He managed to conduct almost all of his day-to-day business during the 6 hours it took to drive (I use that in the loosest sense of the word) us from Taxco to Acapulco. I'm almost positive he wasn't smoking just regular cigarettes, if you get my drift, dispite the 'No fumar' sign. And at one point I watched him steer the bus (going at approx 50mph) with his elbows while he shovelled a taco down his gullet. Anyway, enough on the stereotypical Mexican bus driver, and on to Acapulco.

Being under the ever watchful eye and tight purse strings of the Stasi Finance Minister means we are staying at the cheap end of town, away from the main beaches. Our room is the cheapest we have managed to find so far, at a bargain 10GBP. We discovered a bus that goes all the way along the beach road (which is no small distance) for 45p each, so this afternoon we caught the bus to the far end of Acapulco bay and relaxed for an hour or so by the pool of the rather fancy Hyatt Regency hotel. Tee hee. Tomorrow we plan to go the whole hog and spend the day there making the most of their facilities (although we may take a packed lunch cos the restaurants are bound to be expensive...) Don't tell anyone.

This evening we went to watch the Acapulco Cliff Divers! There were 5 of the Speedo-clad young men in total and they were really quite impressive indeed; as a treat we watched them from the bar of the nearest hotel (for a fee, of course) and drank beer (hubby) and pina colada (me - isn't that the ultimate holiday drink?)


Housewife39 said...

Was it the speedos that were impressive or the diving?
L x

Fiona (and Andy when he can be bothered) said...

I'm going to be singing that blasted song until you get back now. Cheers Jus!

Seriously, glad you're having a good time - say hello to the ginger one from us.