Monday, 25 February 2008

Totally Ruined

Top photo is the sunset at Puerto Escondido, then there's hubby by the swimming pool at Hotel Aqua Luna, next one down is a somewhat deserted street in Oaxaca, then the cathedral in Oaxaca, then there's hubby on a very bouncy bridge across a river at Palenque, and the bottom one shows some of the ruins at Palenque.

Totally Ruined = Palenque, and me after walking round the site and then 2km back to our room in the jungle.

So, since I last blogged, we left Acapulco and travelled along the coast to Puerto Escondido (aka Pizza Escondido since I only ate pizza when we went out for dinner on the 3 evenings we were there - damn good pizza though, and my theory is that you should fill your boots on your fave foods while the opportunity presents itself. Who knows how many wood-fired pizzas will be on offer between here and Panama?) PEscondido is absolutely lovely. And it was made all the more lovely by the fab hotel we stayed in ( for a bargain $25 a night (the Bearer of The Purse was most pleased.) We spent most of our time relaxing by the pool or walking along by the beach browsing in a few shops and eating good food (mostly pizza...)

Payback for three days of fabulousness was that we then endured a 7 hour bus journey on the wiggliest, bendiest roads in all Mexico. It must have been 5 hours in to the journey before we actually came across a straight stretch lasting more than 10metres. That took us to Oaxaca. We had entended spending 3 nights in Oaxaca, but our initial impressions left us somewhat disappointed so we booked tickets to leave the following eveing. Admittedly, having given Oaxaca more than a cursory glance, we actually discovered it was rather nice, but still not necessarily warranting more than a day. And so that led us to be on the 5pm departure from Oaxaca to Palenque. A joyful adventure which lasted 15 hours. Yes, FIFTEEN. Lovely jubbly overnight bus ride. We got to Palenque at 8am today, found a room, showered and then set off to visit the Mayan ruins. Took us about 3 hours to wander round the site and now we are back in El Panchan - the setting for our room in the jungle. Luckily the room is sturdily built of concrete with proper windows and plumbing so the chances of us being eaten alive by a jaguar, or whatever it is that roams the jungle round these parts, are fairly low. Phew.

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