Sunday, 17 February 2008

Taxco, tres taxing

We are now in Taxco, sort of south/south-east of Mexico City. Had our first experience of a bus ride in Mexico in order to get here, and it was very pleasant. Admittedly, it was only 2.5hrs and I'm sure 'pleasant' will be the last word I use when describing the 12hr journey that we're going to have to make from Oaxaca to San Cristobal in a week's time, but we got here without any problems, and even managed to navigate our way round Mexico City's metro to get from our hotel to the bus station. Such worldly travellers, us.

Taxco is like a very pretty Italian town. It's built on the side of a hill and has EXTREMELY steep cobbled streets meandering in and out, and a main square featuring a large and very OTT cathedral. I'm surprised I've not gone and got Acute Mountain Sickness here with the gradients we've been climbing and descending. Must be doing my calf muscles the world of good. Last night there was some sort of 'do' in the main square outside the cathedral which involved a band; they certainly like to party late round these parts as hubby and I could still hear the wailing, I mean singing, when we eventually got back to our hotel. I say 'eventually' because we managed to get lost in the 200 metres between main square and hotel. Did I say we were worldly travellers?

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