Friday, 1 February 2008

Oh dear, I'm sooooo behind with this blog

Bite-size chunks, that's what it needs. Don't want to send you all in to a stupor with great chunks of text. So, where to start? Where I left off would probably be good, wherever that was. Since I last blogged we've been to Carmel & Monterey, driven along Big Sur, seen elephant seals crammed on a beach like Brits in Benidorm, been to Hearst Castle (again), driven across California, had our eardrums burst by low-flying fighter jets, spent 2 days with mouths agape in Death Valley, and 'done' (or been done by?) Vegas. So far I've only lost $1.30 on gambling - my tip is to only bet on the 1c or 5c slots and cash in as soon as you're in credit. Ha! These casinos won't get the better of me...


P&C said...

Hi guys, Paul and cathy here form Guelph, mom gave us this address to check up on your travels....great to hear that you have the opportunity to do all that you are doing - and yes, we are living vicariously through your travels - regarding your casino betting habits have to "specualte to accumulate"

Justine said...

hi Paul & Cathy
Glad to hear you're reading the blog! I couldn't manage the 'speculating' at Vegas, so therefore had to make do without accumulating. Hope you are both well and all the rest of the clan. Keep reading!
love Justine