Friday, 15 February 2008

Hola Mexico!

Here we are in Mexico City. Arrived Weds evening and spent yesterday wandering around not doing an awful lot. Hubby got a shave and I got Acute Mountain Sickness (what a great name!). At least that's what I think it was according to the 'Health' section in the font-of-all-knowledge that is the Rough Guide to Mexico. Mexico City is at an elevation of 2400 metres which is 1000 metres higher than Ben Nevis, which might explain why I felt a bit poorly cos I reckon if I climbed up Ben Nevis I'd probably be sick (especially if I'd drunk a bottle of bright orange fizzy Mirinda pop on the way up).

Today we behaved like proper tourists and got the double-decker 'turist' bus round the city. We jumped off at the National Museum of Anthropology (which made hubby's day, not) and spent about 3 hours there. Then we jumped back on the bus and spent another 3 hours crawling through the rush hour traffic. What a dopey pair we are - fancy going on a bus tour through a city reknowned for its traffic problems. Poor hubby nearly jumped off the top deck in frustration. That said, we did enjoy it and got to see lots of the city that we probably wouldn't have bothered to visit otherwise (as we can be remarkably lazy when it comes to sightseeing.)

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